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Jade Kitchen

Jade Kitchen Design Sdn Bhd (1050254-U) is a professionally run business that helps make the process of purchasing a new kitchen easy and satisfying. We have various finishes for every style of kitchen from conventional to new age, whatever your taste, budget or lifestyle. Jade Kitchen Design Sdn Bhd has progressed a long way since it started its business in 2007, exceeding customer expectations in building innovative practical kitchen design.

With the growing demands, Jade Kitchen Design Sdn Bhd decided to invest more resources into the business by opening our own factory to ensure continuous development with changing times and timely meet up of customer’s requests. Our manufacturing capability and design philosophy pushes the boundaries of technological, styling, and ergonomic possibilities.

This provides a fundamental platform for racticality, quality and durability. Our understanding of cultural influences and architecture from around the world is intuitively translated into unique.

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