Counter Top

We offer a wide variety of tones, ranging from warm hues to light and airy, with vibrant veining patterns.

Solid Surface


Solid-surface material, sold under brands including Avonite, Corian, and Swanstone, is a man-made material consisting of a blend of acrylic particles. * Available in many, many colors and patterns * Seams are virtually invisible * Resists staining * Integrated sink/countertop units are available.

Quartz Stone


The countertop material known as "Quartz" is actually an engineered stone product that contains as much as 93 percent quartz particles . * Durably made from a mixture of quartz and resin * Nonporous surface protects against germs * Low maintenance and easy to clean.



Granite defines elegance in a kitchen. Even modest kitchens seem like luxury spaces when flavored by the beauty of granite countertops. * Almost impervious to heat * Nearly 3,000 different colors and types available
* Very strong and durable.



Laminate counters bear trademarks such as Formica, Nevamar, and Wilsonart. * Thousands of options available * Very easy to maintain * Very inexpensive countertop option * DIY installation is relatively easy.



Marble is natural stone commonly used in kitchen countertops is marble. Each marble countertop will be entirely unique. Although highly prized, marble may not be the best choice for kitchens, due to its penchant for staining and scratching. * Exceptionally beautiful stone, with unique veining * Adds to real estate value of a home.



Caesarstone Ltd., or Caesarstone, is a publicly traded company that engages in the production and marketing of quartz surfaces used for kitchen countertops, vanity tops, flooring, wall cladding and general interior design. It was founded in 1987 and is traded on the NASDAQ in NY.

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